ICT Forum Gold Coast Inc (“the Forum”) was formed in August 1997. Interest in the activities of the Forum and participation in events grew quickly and the Forum was formally incorporated as an association under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (QLD) in April 1998. The purpose of the Forum is to act as a voice for the local ICT industry on ICT policy, industry development, investment attraction and other government policies impacting local ICT businesses and to provide a forum for the local industry to meet and exchange ideas in a non-competitive environment.

The Forum welcomes participation from anyone with either a background in the ICT industry or who would like to be informed about ICT industry activities including those who are ICT whether for a career or personal interest.

The Forum provides an opportunity for Gold Coast businesses, government agencies and educational organisations to network, promote their services, form alliances, socialise with colleagues and keep abreast of news and developments.

The Forum is represented on numerous government committees and advisory bodies. It makes representation to government in accordance with the views of members on matters of public importance affecting the ICT industry.

The Forum regularly polls members to ascertain their views on matters of public importance and reflects the outcome of those polls in its representation.

We aim to continue to:
proactively develop and maintain effective working relationships, in particular with Local, State and Federal governments as well key industry players within the ICT industry; promote the economic importance of the ICT industry for the Gold Coast; have two-way communication between members, the committee and the wider ICT and business community; represent the Forum and its members on key industry groups.

All members are entitled to vote on any motions and at the elections. A committee is elected each year at the AGM. All committee members are volunteers.

Committee Members as elected at the April 2021 AGM

Dr Kelvin Ross
Committee Member

Geoff Provest

Dr Dion Klein
Deputy Chair & Secretary

Kerry O’Carroll

Lee Hames
Committee Member

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